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The world needs an extra dose of “funny” right now.  We’re all seeking ways to reconnect with a chuckle, guffaw, or snort-chortle (snortle).


                                    Enter: Inappropriate Grandpa !


We are a kitchen table, sister/brother team producing handmade greeting cards in Olathe, Kansas.


Older sister, Susan, provides the “funny” and the manual labor.  Younger brother, Scott, provides the technical expertise and cheeseburgers. Together, they create the  humorous handmade cards that are taking America by storm.


Put Inappropriate Grandpa Cards in your hands and watch the merriment ensue.      Seriously...  Major merriment.  So.  Much.  Merriment.


Susan - CEO / Founder


In her own words - "Kind of a Big Deal".  Owner.  Chief Marketing Officer.  Chief Creative Officer.  And yet she still doesn't have her own office.


Scott - Tech Guru


90% of Scott’s job is making sure Susan doesn't blow up the computer.  You'd think he is joking.  You would be wrong.  So very, very, wrong.

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