We're Baaaaaaaack !!!!!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Well, technically we never left. We just got really bad at putting out info. But we're back with a vengeance.

Grandpa will be showing our goodies at the Cider Days event in Topeka September 25th and 26th, and we have a BRAND NEW product line making it's debut !!!!!(*) What is it you ask ? Don't deny it, you are asking. Due to the NDA I had to sign with my Boss, I cant spill the beans yet, but you should be very excited. I know we are. See us at the Stormont Vail Events Center, Saturday from 10 to 6, and Sunday from 11 to 4.

(*) I'm an idiot. We actually have TWO new product lines to introduce. So double the reason to come see us !!!!!!

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